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This program is set for customers who have ordered from U·Nice. We all believe reviews only from used customers are really trustworthy. There are 2 options for you.

Option 1: Submit an Instagram Video

Post a video (30-60 seconds) of you reviewing our hair on Instagram. We'd love to see you unboxing, combing/ brushing the hair, your installation process or a how-to video of you laying and slaying your Hair. Make sure to tag @unicehair

How Much Can You Earn

Get $20, if views over 500 / Get $100, if views over 2000 / Get $200 , if views over 5000 / Get $500, if views over 20000

Option 2: Submit a YouTube Video

Post a video on your YouTube channel and review our hair. We'd love to hear your thoughts on our new packaging, to see you combing/ brushing the hair, how you install your hair or a tutorial video. Once you post qualified video you'll receive $20 cash reward within 3 working days . More details Click .

How Much Can You Earn

Get $20 , just upload your video / Get $100 , if views over 1000 / Get $200 , if views over 2000 / Get $500 , if views over 10000

Send Your Video Link


There are occasional giveaways on U·Nice's Instagram and Youtube channels every month. There will be 6 lucky girls picked to get free hair. Plus, if your photo is chosen to use as a product picture, a free hair will definitely rewarded back.Please keep tuned to get luxurious U·Nice hair for free.(Tips to win free hair,Click).




U·Nice develops an open and transparent platform for people who have sales channel to earn commission. Being an affiliate of U·Nice gives people a chance to get bonus money weekly. (Instructions to be an affiliate, Click))


Ⅴ.Instructions to Photo and Video review

1. Video: Video

Platform Definition Screen Length Must-haves
Youtube HD 1920*93 /rectangle ≥3 minutes 1.Video subject includes "UNice"
2.Site address https://www.unice.com/ should be listed on the top of video description box
Instagram HD 800*800 /square 15-30 seconds 1.Tag Unicehair on Instagram
2. Site address https://www.unice.com/ should be listed on the top of video description

2. Picture:

Beautiful, Beautiful,Beautiful and Clear

Instagram tag unicehair or Facebook tag unicemall

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